Client Care Specialist

Tina’s main role at Triune is making sure every single client gets periodic reviews with their advisor, which helps to keep clients financially healthy. “I love helping in a small way,” says Tina, “and having the chance to converse with many of our clients over the phone.”

Tina’s money breakthrough was learning that God owns it all. “Be faithful with little, and you will be blessed far beyond what you imagine,” she says.

Tina has been part of Triune since it opened its doors. She loves working alongside her Triune colleagues because “it’s more like a family,” she says. Family indeed: she’s been married to Triune’s Jim Mullinix, her college sweetheart, since 1977. Together, Tina and Jim have three daughters and four grandchildren. With Jim, Tina is actively involved in her church. Tina loves teaching children to dance at her studio. She also enjoys Zumba classes and gardening.