Partner, Financial Planner


Bob Sparrow believes financial freedom and clarity is the result of committing to simple behaviors over time. He helps his clients learn how to live within their means, save, avoid debt, give generously and set goals. He thrives on helping clients clarify their living needs (in the short, mid and long term), make a strategy that can weather life’s unpredictabilities, and give back.

“The joy from giving is so much more powerful than from any possession,” Bob says. Learning the power of generous giving, by understanding that it all comes from God, changed his life.

Bob’s favorite clients share that understanding—that we are called to be stewards of what we’ve been given. He enjoys working with people who are open, intelligent, engaged, coachable and collaborative. He helps his clients “get on the same page” as their spouses and answer the big questions, like “How much is enough?” He would like to work with more clients facing big life changes, such as the sale of a business or retirement. “So peace instead of confusion can be achieved with intentional planning,” he explains.

A graduate of Kansas City’s Rockhurst College, Bob has been in the financial services industry for more than three decades. Bob is married to Jayna and has six children and two grandchildren. He enjoys spending time with family and watching Kansas City sports. Bob is also involved in the Global Orphan Project and College Church of the Nazarene.