Service Advisor


Justin collaborates with other Triune advisors to foster a comprehensive client experience. Two CFP’s working together are better than one working alone. “Working as a part of a team allows me to be the best version of myself professionally. We are able to focus all of our skills together to be the best we can be for our clients.”  

Justin has been in the advisory business since 2010. He believes “a financial plan is about bringing peace of mind and happiness to your family.” He enjoys clients who are at or nearing retirement and who understand that there is incredible value in creating a plan not only for themselves, but for their loved ones. The most engaging part of financial planning for Justin is to help put everyone’s puzzle together. There are many pieces. Some are complicated, some are simple. And even when someone doesn’t know how it all fits together, it is his goal to find all the pieces and complete the puzzle. 

Justin grew up on a small farm just outside Aberdeen, SD and attended a small Catholic school, where he played every sport that was available. He attended North Dakota State University, studied Marketing, and played hockey. After college, he served in financial services in Fargo, ND and Des Moines, IA. Justin moved to KC to join the Triune family. He enjoys going back to visit his parents, who still live on their family farm. He also loves being active, playing sports, going to the lake, and the Minnesota Vikings.