Client Service Manager

Jen joined the Triune team in 2012 and is a behind-the-scenes “paperwork master”. “I facilitate getting everything where it needs to be for the advisors to then serve their clients,” explains Jen. You’re likely to find her researching account histories, cost basis and puzzling out the numbers. “I think I have developed an oddly disturbing love of spreadsheets since I have started working here.”

Jen believes that freedom is within our means, no matter what we make.

“You have the tools to ease the stress of debt and learning how to use them is so empowering. It doesn’t just impact your financial life, but also touches your mental, physical, and spiritual life as well.”

Jen majored in Psychology at Kansas State University and graduated from Manhattan Christian College with a degree in Business Management and Ethics. She has been in the financial services industry since 1998. Jen married her sweetheart, Scott, in 2014 and between them, they have five children and a German Shepherd named Lucy. They enjoy keeping busy with the kids’ extra-curricular activities and making lasting memories, whether it be a beach vacation or a competitive game night. While Jen only moved to Kansas City in 1998, her family has been part of the community for over a century. Her great-grandfather built and owned what is now Pembroke Hill’s Founder’s Hall and another great-grandfather owned the infamous Rochambeau Hotel in the 1930s.