Portfolio Specialist

Bryce helps Triune's clients with distributions, trades, and general account inquiries; as well as helping the advisors as a Para-Planner. He says Triune’s environment “enables me to learn from my colleagues on the job and grow into a more effective part of the team.” He enjoys the challenge of thinking outside the box.  

Bryce wishes everyone understood that you don't have to be a sophisticated investor to take advantage of compound interest. “Simply setting aside a little bit every month can grow to a significantly-sized nest egg.” 

Bryce has lived in the Kansas City area all his life, and went to Countryside Baptist Church in Olathe for most of that time. He is now a member of a Countryside church plant, Redemption Hill, in Lawrence. He enjoys watching Sporting Kansas City and the Royals. In his free time, he likes spending time with family and friends, drawing, watching shows & movies with intense plotlines, and building spreadsheets with the help of his Excel reference guide.