Partner, Financial Planner


As a Financial Planner, Bob Crew “turns the complex and confusing into easy and understandable” in several areas, including charitable giving, estate planning, planned giving and financial planning.

“Financial freedom and clarity is not an impossible dream,” Bob says, “but it does take intentionality to achieve.”

Years ago, a question stopped Bob and his wife in their tracks: “Are you managing your money, or is it managing you?” Now he’s the one asking his clients that same question, and other thought-provoking questions such as, “How much is enough?” and “What does God want you to do with the excess?” Bob enjoys collaborating with clients who are motivated to reach their goals.

Bob received his Bachelor of Arts degree from MidAmerica Nazarene University and his MBA from the University of Kansas. In the financial industry since 1986, he also enjoys being a member of the Financial Planning Association, the CFA Institute and the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning. Bob is married to his wife, Sharon, has two daughters and a dog. As a family, they love watching KU basketball. Bob also enjoys smoking meat, doing is own yard work, and just being with his family.