Next Generation Advisors

We've Moved!


Big things are happening at Triune. Thanks to you, we are growing and expanding. From a new office, to a new partner, to the continued progress of our “Next Generation” financial planners, we have plenty to celebrate this summer – and we’re excited to share with you!

A new office in Lighton II

As we continue to grow together, we’re pleased to announce our move to a new, larger office space. We didn’t go too far — in fact, we moved right next door. (We are literally now a few steps from our previous location.) Our new home is in the identical twin building next door, Lighton II. Our address is 7400 College Blvd, Suite 300.


Our new space gives our growing team the elbow room we need to serve you well – for example, we’ve grown from two conference rooms to four. We think you’ll like the easy access, right off the elevator, as well as the new design. Be sure to use the circle parking in front of the building for the most convenient access. We look forward to visiting with you in our new space and giving you a personal tour.

A new Partner: Bob Crew, CFP®, CFA, Certified Kingdom Advisor®

We are delighted to formally announce that Bob Crew has relocated to Kansas City from Wichita to become our newest Partner. Bob has deep roots with Geoff Huber and Jeff Jaworski, as they all three worked together in the early to mid 1990’s. Bob is truly gifted at serving clients with excellence! A Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner (CFP®), a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and a Certified Kingdom Advisor®, Bob has 25 years of experience and has been with Triune as a Senior Financial Planner since 2009. His expertise includes charitable and planned giving, estate planning, and financial planning. We’re so pleased to welcome him and his wife, Sharon to Kansas City and to our Triune family.

Next Generation Advisors

Our next generation Advisors, Jesse Bunse and Bryan Gum, continue in their professional development. By the end of the year, they will have attained their Certified Kingdom Advisors® designation. This designation signifies their commitment to providing Biblically-wise financial counsel, and to serving Triune clients with discernment and wisdom. This winter, Jesse and Bryan will begin studies for their Certified Financial Planner™ certification.

We continue to search for Triune’s next Financial Planning Resident to hire and ask you to keep your eyes and ears open for candidates. Please email Jim Mullinix with nominations or for additional information.

Again, we are so thankful for the privilege to come alongside you and your loved ones on this journey. It is an honor to be your Partner In Conversation™.

Why Your Children Need a Next Generation Triune Advisor

Do you want your children to share your strong values about money and possessions? Do you want to be able to discuss life decisions candidly with them, knowing you’re on the same page? Do you want them to work with a financial advisor who has been trained and mentored by someone you trust? I know I do. They may be grown, living on their own and perhaps even married or parents themselves — but we still want the very best for our children. It’s this heart for our children that drives our commitment to building the next generation of Triune Advisors.

Nearly two years ago, we created the Triune Residency Program to train and develop future Triune Advisors. Potential Advisors spend between six and 12 months engaged in client meetings and diving deep into all aspects of our process. If they make the cut, they are put in a position to meet potential Triune clients.

These potential clients are often close in age to their Advisor. This allows clients to grow alongside with their Advisor, walking together through similar stages of life. As partners in conversation, Triune Advisors come alongside clients with hearts for service every step of the way.

Husbands and wives, business partners, parents and children — we love facilitating great financial conversations and strengthening life’s most important relationships. I am pleased to say that each of my three daughters have worked with our two Next Generation Advisors, Jesse Bunse and Bryan Gum.

We depend upon the eyes and ears of our existing friends, family and clients to help us meet the next generation of Triune Advisors. If you think highly of Triune, help us find our newest Next Generation Advisor. We’re grateful for your help. Know someone who fits the bill? Contact us to let us know >>