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Why Your Children Need a Next Generation Triune Advisor

Do you want your children to share your strong values about money and possessions? Do you want to be able to discuss life decisions candidly with them, knowing you’re on the same page? Do you want them to work with a financial advisor who has been trained and mentored by someone you trust? I know I do. They may be grown, living on their own and perhaps even married or parents themselves — but we still want the very best for our children. It’s this heart for our children that drives our commitment to building the next generation of Triune Advisors.

Nearly two years ago, we created the Triune Residency Program to train and develop future Triune Advisors. Potential Advisors spend between six and 12 months engaged in client meetings and diving deep into all aspects of our process. If they make the cut, they are put in a position to meet potential Triune clients.

These potential clients are often close in age to their Advisor. This allows clients to grow alongside with their Advisor, walking together through similar stages of life. As partners in conversation, Triune Advisors come alongside clients with hearts for service every step of the way.

Husbands and wives, business partners, parents and children — we love facilitating great financial conversations and strengthening life’s most important relationships. I am pleased to say that each of my three daughters have worked with our two Next Generation Advisors, Jesse Bunse and Bryan Gum.

We depend upon the eyes and ears of our existing friends, family and clients to help us meet the next generation of Triune Advisors. If you think highly of Triune, help us find our newest Next Generation Advisor. We’re grateful for your help. Know someone who fits the bill? Contact us to let us know >>

Customer Service and Market Volatility

The recent market volatility has probably caught your attention and left you wondering, “What does Triune think about this?”

Let’s start with an analogy involving a recent family vacation. I inadvertently left my cell phone in my rental car as we returned it. We had been on the shuttle to LAX from the rental lot for less than 10 minutes when I realized it. I immediately borrowed my wife’s phone and called the rental company, hoping someone could help. After all, I had just left there and knew exactly where my phone was. I could identify the car, I knew where it was and could hopefully nip this in the bud with just a little help from the rental office.

To my frustration and dismay, I ended up getting terrible customer service. I remember thinking multiple times, “Why doesn’t anyone care as much as I do?” I knew I was the one who made the mistake, so I wasn’t blaming them. But in my efforts to correct the situation, all I wanted was to feel like someone there cared just a little bit. Getting no response from them did NOT make me feel very good.

So let’s connect the analogy to what’s going on today.

At Triune, we take the planning and management of your money very seriously. Our money, as well as that of our families, is invested in the same investments that we’ve recommended to you. We know from experience that volatility and endless media reports of how much worse it could get can leave you with lots of questions and worries about if we are doing the right thing. You simply want to know that we care as much as you do and that Triune is on top of it.

Short-term volatility is a natural part of long-term investment process. While it is no fun to wait through, it’s precisely the reason that stocks have outperformed other asset classes over long periods of time. We’ve based our approach on more than 100 years of collective experience, objective, Nobel Prize-winning academic research and experience in managing through multiple periods of volatility. So we know that, given the intentional approach we employed well before this week, reacting to the volatility is exactly the wrong thing to do.

Consider these interesting stats:

History of S&P 500* Declines 1928-2014

History of S&P 500* Declines 1928-2014

You’ve heard us quote him before, but it bears repeating. Warren Buffett said, “The market has a very efficient way of taking monies from the impatient investors and giving it to the patient ones.”

Know that we have carefully thought through your allocation in relation to your goals, objectives and time frames. While it doesn’t prevent short term declines in a portfolio, it does put the odds of long-term success in your favor.

Most importantly, we’re here to converse with you. We welcome your calls and want to talk through all the reasons why we think the path we are on together is still the best one, and still the path that is in YOUR best interest.

Triune’s Next Generation of Advisors

Nearly 10 years ago, we started Triune with the idea that financial services should actually serve those clients who entered our doors, those who God placed in front of us.

We’ve always seen financial planning a little differently at Triune. We come alongside our clients as partners in conversation. Husbands and wives, business partners and the like — we love facilitating great financial conversations that lead to great relationships.

To build a firm of skill, character and integrity, we scrapped parts of the financial services industry we felt weren’t right. Our heart was to establish a firm built for the long haul. And the time has come to grow again, by intentionally and thoughtfully recruiting great potential Triune Certified Financial Planners.

We want advisors who want to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. A potential Triune advisor . . .

  • Is relentlessly independent, driven to succeed
  • Wants to do good for others by being involved in substantial, meaningful work
  • Desires intellectual challenges
  • Seeks compensation commensurate with their efforts
  • Values the importance of coaching and mentoring

We believe that the culture, systems and coaching exist for that next generation at Triune. We invite you to keep your eyes and ears open and join us on that journey.

Interested in learning more about career opportunities with Triune, or even better, know someone who you think fits our model of Financial Services? Contact us HERE >>