We’re Looking For Our “Next Generation” Triune Advisor


We’d like to be clear from the start – Triune is always looking for that exceptional individual to be our next Resident-in-training, in hopes of becoming a Triune Advisor and Partner in the future. We have determined that our growth needs to be organic so that we can train and develop our next generation according to our unique values and culture.

What are the characteristics of the person we are looking for?

  • Achievement motivated
  • Independent mindset
  • Enterprising nature
  • Seeks a calling as opposed to a job

We will do comprehensive testing on future candidates, to help us measure their achievement, independence, and enterprising potential as it relates to our profession. For the unique individual who makes the grade, we offer a generous salary as well as benefits. During the Residency Program, candidates will have hands-on training and mentoring by our Partners, and they will spend a lot of time in real-life financial life planning meetings.

Know someone? Let us know and we will be happy to begin a conversation with them. If this is not the career for them, we are always happy to do some “career counseling” that will hopefully direct them to the right career. Thank you for thinking of us!