Life Is Better With Others

Some reflections and insights from Jim Mullinix, Co-Founder and Managing Partner.

As a Baby Boomer…

It seems like everything I was taught as a young man in business was about individualism and becoming self-sufficient. I became comfortable with the idea that “the buck stopped with me”, and was able to survive as a self-employed businessperson. I have received a 1099 most of my life (not a W-2) and the idea of working in a spirit of collaboration was quite foreign.  

I see it differently now.

While I’m grateful for some early successes in my career, I don’t believe those individualistic lessons prepared me to offer the best product, service and relationship for clients, (let alone for me and my family). Because I’m human, the ups and downs of everyday life affected my ability to think well at times.

Now, thanks to years of working alongside incredible partners, I fully understand and believe that “two are better than one”… in all areas of life… “for they get a good return for their work”. I’ve learned that I don’t “have the market cornered on good ideas” — and that looking out for #1 is lonely and self-serving.

Plus, life is just a whole lot more fun when done with others! 

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.” - Ecclesiastes 4:9