Jim Mullinix

Why Triune Has No Minimums

You’ve heard those annoying ads on the radio…

“If you have at least $500,000 of investable assets, give us a call!”

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What does that statement tell you about the firm that is doing the advertising? Perhaps it’s that a) they place their revenues ahead of their clients, or b) they don’t have time for what they would perceive to be “small potatoes.”

Triune believes that we are called to advise ALL who are referred to us. The Declaration of Independence states that we are all created equal by our Creator. Triune believes this, and has never seen fit to provide services to certain people but not others simply based upon the amount of their investable assets.

But at Triune, we have learned that when we truly serve and care for people, without bias as to the size of the account, it all seems to work out in ways FAR better than just making more money.

This philosophy has enabled us to provide services to people who are referred to us, regardless of their ability to pay. Further, it has spawned Triune’s Residency Program, enabling us to increase the depth of our financial advisor ranks.

By making a conscious decision to serve “whomever graces our doorstep” and making sure that Triune’s message is carried on to the next generation, we are growing newer advisors who have the time to work with those who have little or no assets, and who want to learn the timeless truths of sound financial wisdom from experienced Triune Partners who have “been there, done that.”

Bottom line: we welcome your introductions to people of any economic condition and are honored that you have chosen us to come alongside you on this journey.

We’re Looking For Our “Next Generation” Triune Advisor


We’d like to be clear from the start – Triune is always looking for that exceptional individual to be our next Resident-in-training, in hopes of becoming a Triune Advisor and Partner in the future. We have determined that our growth needs to be organic so that we can train and develop our next generation according to our unique values and culture.

What are the characteristics of the person we are looking for?

  • Achievement motivated
  • Independent mindset
  • Enterprising nature
  • Seeks a calling as opposed to a job

We will do comprehensive testing on future candidates, to help us measure their achievement, independence, and enterprising potential as it relates to our profession. For the unique individual who makes the grade, we offer a generous salary as well as benefits. During the Residency Program, candidates will have hands-on training and mentoring by our Partners, and they will spend a lot of time in real-life financial life planning meetings.

Know someone? Let us know and we will be happy to begin a conversation with them. If this is not the career for them, we are always happy to do some “career counseling” that will hopefully direct them to the right career. Thank you for thinking of us!

Is Bigger Better?

Recently I noticed a local Kansas City business magazine’s list of the “Top 50 largest financial advisory firms” in the Kansas City Area.  I was led from there to the “fastest growing companies in Kansas City”.  I then was confronted with a billboard listing a local hospital as #1 in everything imaginable. When I turned on the radio I heard a commercial for a competing hospital saying that their cardiac results were the best in Kansas City. All of this has made me think about the time and effort and money that is spent to make a company look bigger and better than everyone else.

What is the result of this type of advertising and self-promotion besides adding more new customers? At the very least, it is a diversion of funds that could have been used for the servicing and care of clients in exchange for faster growth or a trophy that says they are the biggest or best. That seems like a pretty high price for “ego”! Towards the egregious side, it causes behaviors like this headline from the October 4, 2016 Wall Street Journal, “Morgan Stanley Faces Sales Contest Charges,” in which Morgan Stanley has been accused of paying bonuses to brokers to encourage them to promote securities-backed loans. In short, clients borrow against the value of their investments portfolios in order to win an internal “sales contest” that rewards the brokers financially.


One of our favorite not-for-profits is The Global Orphan Project. 100% of donations go directly towards the care of orphans in Haiti and Africa as well as placing foster children in homes throughout the United States. The organization has been built through personal relationships without any advertising and with a commitment to provide the highest quality of care to those they serve. It is amazing how it has grown with that approach and how people flock to be involved.

So this had made me think about who we have been and what we want to be at Triune. We have made a decision to build our business on personal introductions from existing clients who know us and have a history with us. We have decided that our growth will be what it is supposed to be without any manipulation or self-promotion on our part. We will do our best to let our work and the care of our clients be our best advertising. We will accurately measure the results that our clients are receiving and will make no effort to embellish them. We will count our blessings for the opportunities that our clients and friends have given us and continue to be thankful that you have allowed us to come alongside you in achieving your personal financial goals. We are honored to be your partners in conversation. For us, that is much better than any list or billboard or media advertising that we could ever be a part of.

On behalf of Triune, we want to thank each of YOU for our success, as we know YOU are the reason we would have been on the list had we applied!

We've Moved!


Big things are happening at Triune. Thanks to you, we are growing and expanding. From a new office, to a new partner, to the continued progress of our “Next Generation” financial planners, we have plenty to celebrate this summer – and we’re excited to share with you!

A new office in Lighton II

As we continue to grow together, we’re pleased to announce our move to a new, larger office space. We didn’t go too far — in fact, we moved right next door. (We are literally now a few steps from our previous location.) Our new home is in the identical twin building next door, Lighton II. Our address is 7400 College Blvd, Suite 300.


Our new space gives our growing team the elbow room we need to serve you well – for example, we’ve grown from two conference rooms to four. We think you’ll like the easy access, right off the elevator, as well as the new design. Be sure to use the circle parking in front of the building for the most convenient access. We look forward to visiting with you in our new space and giving you a personal tour.

A new Partner: Bob Crew, CFP®, CFA, Certified Kingdom Advisor®

We are delighted to formally announce that Bob Crew has relocated to Kansas City from Wichita to become our newest Partner. Bob has deep roots with Geoff Huber and Jeff Jaworski, as they all three worked together in the early to mid 1990’s. Bob is truly gifted at serving clients with excellence! A Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner (CFP®), a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and a Certified Kingdom Advisor®, Bob has 25 years of experience and has been with Triune as a Senior Financial Planner since 2009. His expertise includes charitable and planned giving, estate planning, and financial planning. We’re so pleased to welcome him and his wife, Sharon to Kansas City and to our Triune family.

Next Generation Advisors

Our next generation Advisors, Jesse Bunse and Bryan Gum, continue in their professional development. By the end of the year, they will have attained their Certified Kingdom Advisors® designation. This designation signifies their commitment to providing Biblically-wise financial counsel, and to serving Triune clients with discernment and wisdom. This winter, Jesse and Bryan will begin studies for their Certified Financial Planner™ certification.

We continue to search for Triune’s next Financial Planning Resident to hire and ask you to keep your eyes and ears open for candidates. Please email Jim Mullinix jmullinix@triunefp.com with nominations or for additional information.

Again, we are so thankful for the privilege to come alongside you and your loved ones on this journey. It is an honor to be your Partner In Conversation™.

Why Your Children Need a Next Generation Triune Advisor

Do you want your children to share your strong values about money and possessions? Do you want to be able to discuss life decisions candidly with them, knowing you’re on the same page? Do you want them to work with a financial advisor who has been trained and mentored by someone you trust? I know I do. They may be grown, living on their own and perhaps even married or parents themselves — but we still want the very best for our children. It’s this heart for our children that drives our commitment to building the next generation of Triune Advisors.

Nearly two years ago, we created the Triune Residency Program to train and develop future Triune Advisors. Potential Advisors spend between six and 12 months engaged in client meetings and diving deep into all aspects of our process. If they make the cut, they are put in a position to meet potential Triune clients.

These potential clients are often close in age to their Advisor. This allows clients to grow alongside with their Advisor, walking together through similar stages of life. As partners in conversation, Triune Advisors come alongside clients with hearts for service every step of the way.

Husbands and wives, business partners, parents and children — we love facilitating great financial conversations and strengthening life’s most important relationships. I am pleased to say that each of my three daughters have worked with our two Next Generation Advisors, Jesse Bunse and Bryan Gum.

We depend upon the eyes and ears of our existing friends, family and clients to help us meet the next generation of Triune Advisors. If you think highly of Triune, help us find our newest Next Generation Advisor. We’re grateful for your help. Know someone who fits the bill? Contact us to let us know >>

The Triune Way: Transparency and the Business Owner

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I don’t think anyone is more inherently skeptical than business owners. You could write a doctorate paper on why, but in reflection, I think it is because they have been told and sold so many things that did not come true by customers, vendors and employees. To not be skeptical would be insanity.

So what does it take to earn the trust and respect of business owners? Over the years, I have found that the three criteria I apply to others are the same standards that I hold myself to as well. They are seemingly simple, but in reality I could write forever about them. It boils down to three principles:

1. Transparent and Truthful

This value calls us to humbly stand before people and tell them the unvarnished, unadulterated and often unpleasant truth about ourselves. I know no better antidote to pride. Without this foundation, the relationship is bound to never be healthy.

2. Alignment

This means I truly understand what the other person needs (and vice versa) and I will give my best effort to make sure I can meet those needs. We are on the same page with the exact same goals and expectations. Furthermore, since we have decided to be transparent and truthful, we will make the necessary adjustments on our journey.

3. All In

I have had relationships that excelled at the first two only to be submarined by the other person not being all in. Life takes work and time and if you are not all in for the long haul, the chance of a successful, long-term productive relationship is slim. That really hurts! Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never, never give up.” Seek those who won’t quit and avoid those who do.

I have been truly blessed with business relationships that have lasted more than 30 years. I believe the reason is that we share the same values and stand by the three principles above. If things are working out, then test the principles to see if they are part of the success. The motto “Two are better than one . . .” is more than a saying at Triune.

The Triune Way: Our Residency Program

In the financial advisory and financial services business at large, the more things change, the more they stay the same. A vivid example is how the industry generally brings new potentialadvisors into the business.

In my past life (and how most still go about it), there was incentive to hire as many money-motivated, competitive, hard-driving men and women as you could find, and then throw them out into the marketplace after having provided precious little training. Then they call their family and friends to try to sell them something (under the guise of planning).

The retention rate of the industry is horrible: only 10-20% survive to make it a career. Yet they continue to put untrained, inexperienced people in front of the unsuspecting public. So is it really that surprising to learn that the majority of them fail? And did you know that your accounts — if they did sell you something — get handed over to the biggest producers in the office?

The industry’s hiring practices and commission-based compensation model are antiquated — and many people get hurt by them.

At Triune, we’ve always seen things differently. We are an independent, fee-based advisory firm. Our goal is to generate results. We act in your best interest, not those of a bank, brokerage firm, insurance company or mutual fund provider.

We want you to know that in the past year, we implemented the Triune Residency Program, which allows intelligent and highly motivated individuals to earn a salary while:

  1. Working side-by-side with experienced, credentialed Advisors in an apprentice role for their first year.
  2. Learning the back-stage of our business from an operational perspective.
  3. Becoming an active collaborator in Triune workflow processes and culture.
  4. Gauging if this is the right career for them.

We set the bar high to get into our Triune Residency Program, but for the right individual, it could be a lifelong and fulfilling calling that benefits many families and companies, as well as our community.

Margin in Life

With St. Patrick’s Day this month, I think it is appropriate to quote an old Irish Proverb. “When God created time, He made plenty of it.”

At this point you may be wondering how many green beers I have had. But really, I have been reflecting recently on just how much of my life has been lived “wall to wall,” with little or no margin. Now that I am willing to admit that I am chronically busy and over-scheduled — you might say a “marginless-aholic” — why do I do it and what is the cure?

In Dr. Richard Swenson’s book A Minute of Margin he writes, “Such busyness comes from a societal value system that idolizes productivity. I am not saying that productivity is wrong. I am only saying that it must not be idolized.” So then why do I idolize productivity? Maybe it is because I truly think that if I don’t get it done, no one will. Or could it be that I want the approval of others? Or maybe I am just doing whatever the rest of the Boomers are doing.

So what is the cure for being too busy and for the lack of margin in my life? First of all, the cure begins by recognizing that God has a plan for my life, and that plan is far better than any plan I might have. Secondly, if I do the work He has given me to do, in the way He would like, there is plenty of time available to do that work. There are other things that help create margin, but I have found that if I get the first and second things right, all else seems to follow.

Here are some practical ways I discern God’s plan and do my God-given work, acting intentionality to create margin where I can:

  • Begin every day with some quiet time in solitude. I use it to read Scripture and great authors, and pray about a variety of things.
  • During the day, if my schedule has an open spot, I no longer make an effort to fill it in. It is amazing how it gets filled with something far more interesting than I could have imagined.
  • Every year I review and edit my “Intentional Life.” It lists the most important people in my life, by their date of birth. It is a reminder to find intentional time to spend with the people whom God has purposely put into our lives.

The last few years I have had a couple of health incidents that, as a close friend of mine says, “make you look at your own mortality.” Surprisingly, I have found those health incidents to be more of a blessing than a curse. I am more willing to address the “logs in my own eye” before judging others, and make needed changes in my life more quickly. We all have only so much time on this earth. I will never come close to getting it all done, but like you, I desire to persist to the end and finish strong. The Prize on the other side is worth it.

Stewardship, Bags and the Bottom Line

Bryan Gum recently began his time at Triune as our resident in Financial Planning. It’s great to have him on board. Here, Bryan shares some insights from a conference we recently attended.

As some of you may know, many of us were out of the office for a week in February. Triune’s advisors and partners attended a four-day conference in Orlando, Florida, hosted by Kingdom Advisors (KA). KA is a community of Christian financial professionals intent on integrating faith and biblical principles into their practices. Their goal is to equip advisors to offer meaningful, eternally-focused counsel, and to have a positive impact on the financial paradigms in our culture — and more than 900 people were in attendance at last week’sImpact 2015 Conference!

We’d like to share with you some of our key takeaways, and perhaps illustrate why belonging to Kingdom Advisors is such an important part of who we are at Triune.


The Role of the Steward

While there are many definitions of the word “steward”, none more broadly captures the role a steward plays than this: “A steward is responsible for taking care of the passengers on a vessel.”

Like a flight attendant on a plane, a parent driving a carpool or a quarterback leading a team, it is our role as stewards to care for our clients’ well-being. Now, let us not mislead you; it is NOT the steward’s role to bend over backwards to give those under his or her stewardship whatever they want. A steward uses wise discernment to achieve an outcome that brings lasting contentment — not instant gratification. A steward is willing to invite others down a path less traveled for a more meaningful outcome. A steward is not as concerned with being rewarded for good works, but is keenly focused on generating intrinsic value for those he or she serves.

As we were reminded of our role as stewards last week, we at Triune were infused with renewed vigor to help our clients “think well” and gain lasting contentment.

“What’s in the Bag?”

Think of a time in your life when you had a duty, but you had no clue how you would pull it off. Really, think about it.

Now think of a time you had the opportunity to make an impact in another’s life, and you had no idea what you were capable of, or had inside you, to actually make it happen.

In those moments, were you not a messenger? Were you not a servant to a greater calling? When duty meets opportunity, there is a bag. This bag holds that which we cannot know, but only recognize as impact. You may be dealing with a struggling child, and you know you must speak with them, teach them, so that they may grow as a result of their hardship. But how often have you knocked on that child’s bedroom door not knowing what you’re going to say? That is what’s in the bag. Being obedient and dutiful, combined with opportunity, grants you the ability to have an impact in peoples’ lives. We don’t always get to know what to do, but we have the opportunity to trust in a greater power.

So the next time something is demanded of you, do not wonder “how will I pull this off?”, but marvel at the idea that something INCREDIBLE is in the bag. (unless of course, you’re Jeff Jaworski and your bags get put on another airplane and arrive six hours late . . . )

“The Bottom Line is NOT the Bottom Line”


This is not intended to be confusing, but it’s a great quote and makes for a clever title; let me explain. There are many things in this day and age that cause us to wander from our beliefs and values. This is called “The Craving.” It is tempting, but leads to pain. Money magazines, Jim Cramer, Mad Money and CNBC get this better than anyone. They LOVE to prey on our cravings, but we mustn’t be tempted. We are led to believe that if we make more money, we will be wealthier. The truth is that lasting wealth comes from being content with what we have.

The Bottom Line is simply defined as: “Peace of mind, contentment and a clear conscience.”

Many Americans today consider the “Bottom Line” to be their net worth, or the rate of return on their portfolio. Here is what we learned at the conference about achieving the realBottom Line:

  • Know your PI. Your PI is your very own Personalized Index. Ask yourself, “what do I need to make my life work?”
  • Strive for a large ROL. This is your Return on Life. It’s about “getting the best life you can with the money you have.”
  • 10-Year Rule. Ask yourself, “In 10 years, how will I look back on this decision?”
  • Understand Me + Now. Stop fretting about the past and worrying about the future. Planning is important, but you’ll enjoy your life more when you remember, “this is the only ME that’s ever going to be, and the only NOW that I’m ever going to live in.”
  • Know who to ask: This is about knowing where real answers come from. “Don’t ask money to do for you what only God can do.”

We feel absolutely blessed to have attended the Impact 2015 Conference, to have made memories as teammates, partners and friends and to have learned from wise speakers and advisors. We look forward to continued growth as a firm and as individuals, so that we may better serve you, your family, or your team. We are honored to be your “Partners in Conversation.”

If you have any questions or would simply like to know more about our Kingdom Advisors Impact 2015 Conference experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Triune’s Next Generation of Advisors

Nearly 10 years ago, we started Triune with the idea that financial services should actually serve those clients who entered our doors, those who God placed in front of us.

We’ve always seen financial planning a little differently at Triune. We come alongside our clients as partners in conversation. Husbands and wives, business partners and the like — we love facilitating great financial conversations that lead to great relationships.

To build a firm of skill, character and integrity, we scrapped parts of the financial services industry we felt weren’t right. Our heart was to establish a firm built for the long haul. And the time has come to grow again, by intentionally and thoughtfully recruiting great potential Triune Certified Financial Planners.

We want advisors who want to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. A potential Triune advisor . . .

  • Is relentlessly independent, driven to succeed
  • Wants to do good for others by being involved in substantial, meaningful work
  • Desires intellectual challenges
  • Seeks compensation commensurate with their efforts
  • Values the importance of coaching and mentoring

We believe that the culture, systems and coaching exist for that next generation at Triune. We invite you to keep your eyes and ears open and join us on that journey.

Interested in learning more about career opportunities with Triune, or even better, know someone who you think fits our model of Financial Services? Contact us HERE >>