Emerson Hartzler

Declaration of (Financial) Independence

Until about 10 years ago, I believed that everyone who works in financial services has an agenda. I now believe that, more accurately stated, it’s almost everyone. There are financial professionals who don’t have an agenda of their own, but they are rare. Finding one makes a big difference.

Now I know a lot of honest, hard working people in the industry who will take your money and provide a valuable service, and I respect each of them. The problem, and I see it again and again with my clients, is that while each individual recommendation these people make may sound reasonable, the aggregate result of all such financial decisions is often a financial disaster for the client.

For example, your real estate agent who helped you buy your house was concerned that you were financially qualified — that is, there was a reasonable expectation you would be able to consistently make the mortgage payment. That’s good! But the agent probably did not consider whether, after you made that payment, you had enough cash flow left each month to meet all of the other goals you have, like saving for retirement and college and putting aside funds for your next major purchase or vacation.

Your stock broker may be very concerned that you achieve your number for retirement, but is he as concerned that you keep money out of the market to cover the emergencies that Murphy’s Law occasionally demands?

Similar questions can be asked in many other sectors of the financial services industry: your car dealer, jeweler, timeshare salesman, etc. And the answer is the same: they have one area of interest — their business plan — and care little about your overall financial results.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone advising you on these major financial decisions who DIDN’T have an agenda of their own? Someone who was truly independent? How about someone who could look at all of these separate decisions and make sense of it all? Good news: these people — called independent financial advisors or planners — do exist! Bad news: most of us don’t think to use them. Why not?

We may think an independent advisor is a luxury we can’t afford. After all, don’t these advisors have minimums (in other words, if you aren’t a millionaire or well on your way to becoming one, they’re really not interested in you)? Well, Triune IS interested. While we have clients with multi-million dollar investment portfolios, we also have clients with NEGATIVE financial net worth. And best of all, we have only one agenda: your best interests — for your money and your life!

Sound interesting? Give us a call today. We are Triune — your Partners in Conversation.