3 Easy Ways To Experience Gratitude More Than Once A Year

The Thanksgiving and Christmas season is upon us, and winter weather has arrived with crisp mornings, muted red colors, and of course… Pumpkin Spice anything. Many of us spent last weekend gathered around a massive spread of food, enjoying some much-needed time with family and friends.

If your childhood was anything like mine, then you can remember being asked that question, “So, what are you thankful for? “ As I think back on my three brothers and I taking turns sharing around the table, I also remember how challenging it was to come up with a real answer.

I always had a cop-out answer, believe me, but it was difficult to think of something that felt authentic. I was thankful for my family, my XBOX, chocolate… you get the idea. Why was it hard to express gratitude?


As an adult, I’ve been lucky enough to work with clients in an environment where gratitude and contentment are often part of the conversation. Because of this, I’ve learned that gratitude, like any other skill, must be practiced.

I’ve also learned that practicing gratitude is a MUST for a more joyful and fulfilling life. No question about it.

So, here they are…

3 Easy Ways For You To Experience Gratitude More Than Just Once A Year.

  • Write It Down – Each day when you’re making your to-do lists, prepping for the day, or find a small break during work, write down three things you’re grateful for. These don’t have to be profound; keep it simple! Pausing once per day to think about the good in your life will improve your mood and outlook for the future.


  • Make It Known — One super simple way for you to experience gratitude AND share it with others is by telling people when you’re grateful for them or something they’ve done. It’s not as uncomfortable as it sounds, and it can be something small. But when a friend does something to contribute to your well-being, look them in the eye and tell them. You’ll both feel great!


  • Hold Onto The Small Stuff — Life can be hard. Sometimes things just don’t go your way and it’s hard to see the good in anything. My encouragement to you is to hold onto the small stuff. What are the often unnoticed things that are good in your life? Maybe it’s remembering that you have a reliable car to get around in. Maybe it’s as simple as a warm cup of coffee on a cold day. Perhaps you can focus on the simple fact that you have people you love, and love you in return. Life will find ways to knock you down, and remembering the small stuff can help you get back on your feet.

I hope you use this season to reflect on all that you have and how far you’ve come. There is so much to be grateful for, and the more you can experience gratitude, the better your life will be. I challenge you to try these 3 easy tips and begin living a more fulfilled and abundant life.

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