Why Triune Has No Minimums

You’ve heard those annoying ads on the radio…

“If you have at least $500,000 of investable assets, give us a call!”

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What does that statement tell you about the firm that is doing the advertising? Perhaps it’s that a) they place their revenues ahead of their clients, or b) they don’t have time for what they would perceive to be “small potatoes.”

Triune believes that we are called to advise ALL who are referred to us. The Declaration of Independence states that we are all created equal by our Creator. Triune believes this, and has never seen fit to provide services to certain people but not others simply based upon the amount of their investable assets.

But at Triune, we have learned that when we truly serve and care for people, without bias as to the size of the account, it all seems to work out in ways FAR better than just making more money.

This philosophy has enabled us to provide services to people who are referred to us, regardless of their ability to pay. Further, it has spawned Triune’s Residency Program, enabling us to increase the depth of our financial advisor ranks.

By making a conscious decision to serve “whomever graces our doorstep” and making sure that Triune’s message is carried on to the next generation, we are growing newer advisors who have the time to work with those who have little or no assets, and who want to learn the timeless truths of sound financial wisdom from experienced Triune Partners who have “been there, done that.”

Bottom line: we welcome your introductions to people of any economic condition and are honored that you have chosen us to come alongside you on this journey.