Meet Sara Van Der Weide, Client Services Manager

Meet Sara Van Der Weide, Client Services Manager at Triune.

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Her role at Triune: Sara is Client Services Manager at Triune.

What she loves most about Triune: “I like the open communication,” Sara says. “When we discuss ideas, it is an open format, and everyone is willing to listen. We get the best ideas that way!”

What and where she studied: Sara earned her degree in accounting and finance from Dakota State University.

How she became interested in financial services: With about nine years in the industry under her belt, Sara started her career in finance as a temp role. “I have an accounting background and was asked to fill a temporary role in finance. It caught my attention and my imagination. Now, it’s all I want to do!” She found Triune while looking for a new challenge and loves her role today.

Greatest passions, outside of finance: Sara loves family first and foremost — she’s one of nine siblings! She also enjoys travel, naming Paris and Washington, D.C. as her favorite spots. “The amount of art and history in both is amazing,” she says. And she also enjoys running, especially obstacle races like the Warrior Dash.

Oh yes — and shoes: She wouldn’t call it a passion, but Sara does love shoes. How many in her collection? “I don’t even count them anymore!” she smiles. Outside Triune, she works in the shoe department at Macy’s, so she can get the first look at the new styles and build her shoe collection.

Family: Sara, along with her nine siblings, grew up in Northwest Iowa on a farm. Her family still lives there, and Sara looks forward to weekends on the family farm.

Where she goes to church: Nall Avenue Baptist Church.

Favorite Kansas City restaurant: Sara has three favorites — Rye, Room 39 and Kyoto. “They have the best crab Rangoon!”

Favorite Kansas City cookie shop: Blue Chip in Leawood.

Books she loves: Sara enjoys going to book stores to wander and pick up whatever catches her eye — she especially loves used book stores, where she can find books they don’t put in the big box stores anymore. Her favorite genres are history and suspense.

TV favorites: Project Runway and Major Case.

At Triune, we’re partners in conversation. Sara’s favorite non-finance conversation topic: It depends on who she’s chatting with, but when she is with her family, Sara loves talking current events, both local and international.

Best part of her Triune job: As Client Services Manager, Sara enjoys her wide variety of responsibilities. “I do a little bit of everything every day, and I’m always working on a different project!”