The Triune Way: Our Residency Program

In the financial advisory and financial services business at large, the more things change, the more they stay the same. A vivid example is how the industry generally brings new potentialadvisors into the business.

In my past life (and how most still go about it), there was incentive to hire as many money-motivated, competitive, hard-driving men and women as you could find, and then throw them out into the marketplace after having provided precious little training. Then they call their family and friends to try to sell them something (under the guise of planning).

The retention rate of the industry is horrible: only 10-20% survive to make it a career. Yet they continue to put untrained, inexperienced people in front of the unsuspecting public. So is it really that surprising to learn that the majority of them fail? And did you know that your accounts — if they did sell you something — get handed over to the biggest producers in the office?

The industry’s hiring practices and commission-based compensation model are antiquated — and many people get hurt by them.

At Triune, we’ve always seen things differently. We are an independent, fee-based advisory firm. Our goal is to generate results. We act in your best interest, not those of a bank, brokerage firm, insurance company or mutual fund provider.

We want you to know that in the past year, we implemented the Triune Residency Program, which allows intelligent and highly motivated individuals to earn a salary while:

  1. Working side-by-side with experienced, credentialed Advisors in an apprentice role for their first year.
  2. Learning the back-stage of our business from an operational perspective.
  3. Becoming an active collaborator in Triune workflow processes and culture.
  4. Gauging if this is the right career for them.

We set the bar high to get into our Triune Residency Program, but for the right individual, it could be a lifelong and fulfilling calling that benefits many families and companies, as well as our community.