Thanks to You, and by God’s Grace, We Celebrate Ten Years.

The 2005 Triune Team

The 2005 Triune Team

When Triune was formed, we were driven by ideals like collaboration, partnership and becoming a real firm. We did NOT want to be simply a collection of individual practitioners in an office-sharing arrangement. We wanted our clients to be served by more than one advisor, a TEAM of professionals. We also wanted to leave no stone unturned when researching issues for our clients, so that our advice would be rooted in academic research and facts, not in good salesmanship or groundless speculation about the impact of current events on the capital markets.

Our industry is rife with solo-practitioner shops who do a good job — but can only see things through a single lens (their own). And when that solo advisor is busy attending to important relationships in his or her family, church, kids’ schools, etc., who is there to serve the client?

Ten years has gone by fast! The future is bright.

For ten years, we have worked together collectively and collaboratively on behalf of our clients, as an independent advisory firm and as a real partnership. Adopting a ‘two are better than one’ mantra (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12) inspired us to provide uninterrupted service and advice to clients. We’ve developed a reputation as an anti-Wall Street firm by not being beholden to any bank, brokerage firm, insurance company or mutual fund manager — but rather by serving you. It is our highest calling to do so with diligence, independence, competency, experience and integrity.

We realize what a substantial commitment of time, energy, capacity and trust it is to invest in a relationship with us. So we want you to know that we take this responsibility very seriously.

Thank you so much for your support. It is our honor and privilege to be your Partners in Conversation. We are looking forward to the next ten years, together!