Four Myths Regarding Financial Planning

Common misconceptions about financial planning can prevent even the best of us from seeking advice and counsel. These may be Millennial financial planning myths, but any of us can fall for them. Here are four common money myths we’re putting to rest.

  1. “I don’t have enough money yet.”

We’ve never had a client say, “Man, I sure wish I would have waited longer to start this stuff!” Bottom line: how much you have is not of importance. Rather, it is your behavior and building strong habits that will enable you to achieve your financial goals and build wealth over your lifetime.

  1. “I have plenty of time to get to that.”

There will always be an excuse to not look at your financial life and get started. There is never an easier time — so just start. The earlier you start, the more rewarding your good habits will be.

  1. “I’m in debt and just need to focus on that right now.”

This is actually why comprehensive planning is so important, and so powerful. By using a process that begins with cash flow management and goal setting, we create a system that gets you debt-free and headed towards your goals in the most efficient way we know.

  1. “I’m not worth a financial planner’s time.”

We always find a way to help those who walk through our door — we feel it’s our responsibility. Our priority is this: We want to come alongside our clients and sit on the same side of the table in order to serve them best.

Ready to start planning? We’re here to help, and we’ll be by your side throughout to help you finish well. Let’s get started.