We engineer the best outcomes for your employees and for your business. To us, taking care of your team looks like showing up, face-to-face, and getting results through relationships. You and your employees deserve it. Offering hope and advice towards financial independence and stability leaves employees free to do their best work.

As an independent firm, we’re not affiliated with any mutual fund company, bank or investment firm, so your employees get the best results. With Triune, you and your employees get broad asset class diversification, minimized expenses, investments for the long-term, and first-class communication. Count on Triune as your partner in conversation. You know what you’re getting, and your employees learn . . . everyone comes out ahead, financially and beyond.

Corporate Retirement Planning with Triune means more than basic transactions. No more mystery: our approach is about knowledge and empowerment. Our comprehensive corporate retirement planning services include consulting to plan trustees, investment oversight, enrollment support and professionally-managed portfolios. Fees are totally transparent, since it’s your money after all, and we’re an open book with full disclosure. We also offer educational components, empowering your employees towards financial strength and security.

We’ve got your back.

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